Waxing of deep cell regeneration – burn (refrigerator)


The combination of our oils – essential oils and fresh active ingredients, create an ointment that restores – regenerates and moisturizes the skin even after a severe burn – dehydration – dry skin – difficult wrinkles This cream needs refrigeration to maintain up to 8 months

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THE PROPERTIES OF OUR WAXES With great love for nature and man, we made a series of beeswax, with properties corresponding to their ingredients, The combination of natural beeswax, extra virgin Cretan olive oil – honey – pure gold powder – bovine extract – of flowers -spices- and other various active ingredients gives excellent results, from the first use thanks to the recognition of their natural ingredients by our cells (cellular memory)
Beeswax, which is also the basis of beeswax, has a multitude of beneficial properties: nourishing, moisturizing, soothing, emollient, anti-aging and antifungal. These are just some of the benefits of pure beeswax. It is worth noting that the beneficial properties of wax are almost the same as those of propolis and royal jelly, as bees add tiny amounts to each honeycomb cell.

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