Calendula wax ointment


Moisturizes and nourishes sensitive areas of the skin such as the face and hands and is particularly effective in cases of dry skin.
It offers elasticity to the skin on face and body and is ideal for daily use.
Calendula has antiseptic properties, soothes inflamed and irritated skin and helps reduce acne and fungal infections. The calendula oil contained in the ointment is the ideal herb for the skin because it nourishes and nourishes it. You can apply it on your face or on the whole body. It is a safe cosmetic with healing properties that helps the skin stay hydrated without irritation. Ideal forafter shaving Soothes and gently moisturizes the skin after shaving or waxing. The best way to avoid irritation or redness. The calendula extract it contains is one of the best for the skin, with wonderful healing properties and antiseptic action.

Another reason to use it especially in summer is the shield it creates on the skin due to the wax and is suitable in cases where we have just shaved and want to go into the sea. In this way the unpleasant phenomenon of redness and itching in the sea does not make its appearance.
Use on face and body.

Contains: pure beeswax, HIPPOCRETA Calendula Botanical oil – honey – chamomile essential oil (or any of your choice}

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