Wax ointment with aloe vera-moisturizing


Properties: Aloe in cream form has many healing properties for the face.

Deeply moisturizes the skin, as it contains large amounts of water. It makes it smooth and soft thanks to its ability to act as an adhesive that holds the surface cells of the skin. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, while it contains salicylic acid that helps fight acne, expels pimples from the face and reduces oiliness. However, salicylic acid also helps to exfoliate the skin, freeing the pores blocked by dead cells that make the skin look dull and prevent the penetration of the necessary elements into its deeper layers. Aloe vera contains acemannan, which suppresses inflammation and fights skin conditions such as eczema. It treats herpes as it has antiseptic action (contains salicylic acid, phenols and sulfur), thus helping to inhibit fungi, bacteria and viruses. Aloe vera gel restructures and repairs the skin thanks to the polysaccharides it contains in its composition and relieves pain due to carboxypeptidase. Therefore it is an ideal solution for treating sunburn. Aloe vera slows down skin aging, stimulating the activity of fibroblasts that increase the production of collagen and elastin fibers, leading to more elastic and firmer skin. Also, the astringent ability of aloe (due to the zinc it contains) tightens the pores in the face and antioxidants (vitamins C and E) prevent the appearance of free radicals. Prevents discoloration, such as spots and freckles, by blocking the enzyme tyrosinase that is activated by ultraviolet radiation and causes skin discoloration.

Wax ointment contains aloe oil-aloe gel-beeswax-honey-essential oil of your choice

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Moisturizing ointment contains aloe vera, which is why it is rich in vitamins A, C and E.
Vitamin A (retinol) is famous for its regenerative properties in cells and is widely used in cosmetology as an anti-wrinkle ingredient. Vitamin A (retinol) is famous for its regenerative properties in cells and is widely used in cosmetology as an anti-wrinkle ingredient.

Vitamin E, with its antioxidant and regenerative properties, protects the skin, preventing damage to the cell membrane. Aloe vera is also a rich source of minerals (eg iron, chromium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, etc.), enzymes (have excellent healing properties for skin and tissues), amino acids and other nutrients. . At the same time, beeswax enhances hydration, “keeping” natural moisture trapped within the skin.

Contains: pure beeswax, Aloe Oil – Essential oil

MinoansecreteWax ointment with aloe vera-moisturizing

Availability: 14 in stock

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